Mobilize your product offerings!

Whether you are a real estate agent, auto dealership, or newspaper publication with classifieds, imagine if all your listings, products, and services were viewable through a cell phone?

Using Jinglefeeds Mobile Ad Directory Platform you will now be able to mobilize all your product listings with fast, easy to use mobile keyword agents. To get more information about a particular item, a consumer simply texts a keyword and instantly gets the relevant text search information back. Furthermore, a consumer can simply browse through your whole directory to view all your product offerings.

This text is web enabled so a reader can instantly get more info via their phone (i.e. pictures, videos, and mini-website links) through a mobile mini site included with each individual listing. It's that simple and convenient.

What Our Clients Say

"It was a pleasure to work with JingleFeed's IT team. The integration process was seamless and smooth. Not only do they have some of the most advance mobile technology in the market place today, but they offer great customer support with excellent response time. I am very impressed with JingleFeed's flexibility in accommodating and supporting the Miami Herald's site specific needs."

Karen Clay
Technical Project Manager
The Miami Herald Media Company

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