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JingleFeed is the mobile innovation company. We deliver the full-service mobile marketing products needed to engage customers and clients who are constantly on the move. Through the JingleFeed products, media companies can easily create a new dimension to market their existing products. With over 15 years of custom technology experience, we have been able to create mobile products that seamlessly integrate with your current systems and techniques, maximizing newly created revenue streams.

We work diligently with every client to research, analyze and interpret the impact our mobile marketing platforms have on a client's business. At JingleFeed we stress the importance of melding innovation with simplicity.

Innovation + simplicity = JingleFeed.

What Our Clients Say

"...We are very impressed with JingleFeed's cutting edge technology. In order to keep up with our readers, knowing the speed of relayed information in todays world, we realized we had to be dynamic and creative to keep their attention. JingleFeed has given us the perfect way to capture our reader's attention through their unique mobile technology..."

Dave Newman
Classified Advertising Manager

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