Why Mobile?

It's simple. The mobile phone is the lightest, smallest technological way to stay connected to your customer. With 263 million mobile phone subscribers in the United States, mobile phone user growth has eclipsed the records from previous communication devices; the computer and the television.

The strength of the mobile phone is only getting stronger as more and more people find themselves using smart phones to instantly access the web or as phone applications become more innovative with the mediums for delivered content.

While it is true that there is an age range of maximum usage when it comes to the mobile phone, recent studies done by the Nielsen Company reveal that using the phone for text messaging is present in all age ranges.

Mobile marketing also gives your product another dimension. Newspapers are being read for leisure, the Internet is being used for gathering information, and mobile phones are used to keep updated.

By creating a mobile identity, quick informational pockets can be sent to your users and subscribers so they always stay in touch with your brand. This is the strength of the mobile phone. Mobile users like the fact that they can get quick updates on anything that pertains to them (i.e. news, sports, weather, traffic). Use our advanced mobile products to solidify your user base and brand by always staying connected with them.

What Our Clients Say

"It was a pleasure to work with JingleFeed's IT team. The integration process was seamless and smooth. Not only do they have some of the most advance mobile technology in the market place today, but they offer great customer support with excellent response time. I am very impressed with JingleFeed's flexibility in accommodating and supporting the Miami Herald's site specific needs."

Karen Clay
Technical Project Manager
The Miami Herald Media Company

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